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DNS Reverse Proxy with Caddy Server

DNS - Reverse Proxy With Caddy Server

It is possible to override the Caddy server proxy settings with an explicit port mapping. (Caveat: it’s not SSH unless you explicitly put it in the Caddyfile.)

  • portainer in prod Caddyfile
  • cloudflare dns maps subdomain to the IP address with an A record
  • with these 2 ingredients, the subdomain is mapped to the IP address and even though that IP address is mapped to a specific service via Caddyfile, I can migrate across services running on various ports once I’m in
    • For example, if i navigate to subdomain.domain.tld it will go to portainer service on the VPS.
      • If I navigate to subdomain.domain.tld:30001 it will hit the nodeport service running on port 30001 on the VPS.
      • You can overwrite the port mapping once you’re into the IP address with the A record and Caddyfile entry